My name is Ian Dunn and I'm a software engineer with a specialty in computer graphics and game developement. I'm a graphics software engineer at Intel where I work on graphics driver performance optimizations for games. In my free time I'm a hobby game developer - right now I'm working on an open-world adventure game called Alluvial. You can check out my resume here or read about some of my projects down below!



I first started programming in 2005, making simple text-based adventures in a BASIC environment called BlitzMax. In 2007, I started to pick up C and C++ and moved on to making 3D games using Irrlicht.

In early 2012, I started using OpenGL in graphics classes at Cal Poly. I took a game development course and ended up responsible for rendering and core game engine components on my team. The engine I developed on that project would later become ionEngine, my largest project and the basis for a lot of the other 3d applications that I work on.

In 2015, I took a year off from Cal Poly to pursue internships in the computer graphics field. From January to May I worked for Intel on their game developer relations team in Folsom and from June to December I worked for Microsoft on the DirectX 12 team. I also spent a week in Malta to help explore future data collection techniques for the ICEX program.

In December 2016, I graduated from Cal Poly with a master's in Computer Science and a bachelor's in Software Engineering. My thesis project was a scaleable open-world game engine. Afterwards I taught courses at Cal Poly and worked on Alluvial for about a year-and-a-half.

In the middle of 2018, I left Cal Poly and started working full-time at Intel. I'm working on game performance optimizations in the graphics driver for Intel GPUs.